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It is not easy to find a foreign trade Russian company whose history begins at the Soviet Union period. But the Foreign Trade Company ASALMAZ is one of the few because it was established in 1989 by the Russian precious metal and precious stone mining and processing industries seeking to achieve their foreign economic objectives.

While providing these enterprises with material and technical resources Asalmaz has acquired considerable experience in the procurement and delivery of equipment for the mining and enrichment, construction and cement industries, equipment for the production of emulsion explosives, as well as spare parts, consumables and so on.

Asalmaz is presently acting as a limited responsibility company whose founders include such big reputed firms and organizations as AK ALROSA, Moscow Factory of Special Alloys, Gold Industrialists Union of Russia, Gold-Digger Cooperatives Union of Russia to name but just a few.

We maintain and develop business relations with renowned foreign companies like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sumitomo, Kato, Cummins, Cemtec, Mitsuber and others.

Our two major development trends are, first, export and import of machines and equipment, and, second, quite new one for us, manufacture and sale of jewelry products.

Apart from this we are quite active on the market of securities, in particular public bonds and shares of Russian largest firms.

Asalmaz is staffed with high level specialists who have important experience in foreign economic domain, who speak foreign languages, know how to work effectively with customers and suppliers, how to defend their interests on the market and maintain a good business reputation.

Welcome to mutually beneficial cooperation.
We guarantee a high standard of goods and services.

Ivan S. Alexeyev

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